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Translation Services

We specialize in four target languages: Indonesian, Dutch, French, and English. Translations for these languages are performed by native-language translators. We accept translation requests for any combination among these four languages.

Translations into English are performed by experienced native-language translators and local translators whom have lived abroad for considerable periods of time and have worked in multicultural environments for most of their professional careers. Translations into French are performed by experienced native-language translators. Translations into Dutch are performed, and supervised by, a local translator who had spent his formative years in the Netherlands; Dutch was his first native language. Working with him are experienced local translators. He's now also translating for, and running, Dutch literature publisher Pena Wormer.

Sometimes legal documents need to be translated by a sworn translator. We provide sworn translations in Indonesian, Dutch, French, and English.

The scope of texts translated by JTS has been broad and includes legal documents, financial documents, technical documents, proposals, reports, and web site content. Our clients include multinationals, government institutions, and international organizations.

In 2006, the third president of the Republic of Indonesia B.J. Habibie launched the English edition of Detik-detik yang Menentukan - Jalan Panjang Indonesia Menuju Demokrasi -- his account and his role in bringing Indonesia towards democracy -- under the title Decisive moments : Indonesia's long road to democracy. The translation of the book from Indonesian into English was commissioned to JTS and the book's editor, Mr Makmur Makka, praised the translation as faithful.

Interpreting and Other Services

We also provide interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive modes), voice-over, and transcribing services. Voice-overs into English, French, and Dutch are performed by native speakers of the target language.

JTS has provided simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for UN Agencies, Bappenas, and the US Embassy for events inside and outside Jakarta. We provide English interpreting services only.

Our transcribing services cover the target languages of English, French, and Dutch. The majority of material we have transcribed were intended as accompaniment to technical training courses

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